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From the inanimate Aluminium strip
Fabòor comes to life and takes shape






From the Latin"faber": one who works iron and metal, synonymous with artisan, creator and author of a work.

A new era of aluminium eyewear begins with Fabòor:
lighter and more flexible, thanks to the use of new alloys.
Careful attention to the in the design phase makes it a designer item.
It is Sustainable and is recyclable.
Fabòor stands for artisan craftsmanship and Made in Italy authenticity.

Unique design that
looks forward towards
a more sustainable future

A New Era of Eyeglasses
in Aluminium

Fabòor eyeglasses and sunglasses are designed and manufactured in-house.

Each model is a complex project; there are no welds because the eyewear is assembled through screws and interlocking systems of components, creating a unique balance.

The perfect harmony between design and innovation applied to aluminium. An extraordinary synthesis of style, composition and creativity.
Una straordinaria sintesi di stile, composizione e creatività.

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