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Opting for Fabòor eyewear is a conscious fashion choice. 
Each model embodies aesthetic research and a vision towards a more sustainable future.
It all started with the choice of material. We did not want to settle for conventional metals; we wanted to 
find something that had already been proven successful in other industries, but was new for eyewear.

This led to the innovative idea 
of using Ergal aluminium alloy, pushing it to achieve its maximum lightness.
Fabòor is DESIGN

That aims to amaze.

For those seeking originality and who have a penchant for coloured details, unconventional shapes and distinctive elements that make our eyewear unique and one-of-a-kind.


Part of the structure can be reused and returned to its origin, becoming a new object.

For those who prioritise environmental sustainability and demonstrate their commitment by making careful and motivated purchasing decisions, which even extends to eyewear.

Because it is crafted from Ergal, an aluminium alloy used in the aerospace industry that has been processed to achieve exceptional thinness and durability.

Suitable for those who understand the importance of wearing a comfortable, lightweight frame that is well-balanced and can be worn all day without feeling heavy.
Fabòor is the culmination of a long journey of experimentation that encompasses creativity and craftsmanship but, above all, 
unparalleled manual skill.
Fabòor is COLOUR 
Anodised aluminium ensures a perfect, scratch-resistant colour. Solid colours or small coloured details integrate seamlessly into the overall harmony of the eyewear.

The colour range is very wide: our collections range from metal tones to vibrant colours, both warm and cool shades. Ongoing research and experimentation promise an ever-expanding array of new colour variants and shades in the future.

Fabòor is DESIGN 
The fronts of our frames consist of two overlapping parts cleverly held together by hidden screws, eliminating the need for welding.

For those who appreciate not only fashion but also design, for those who are captivated by revolutionary projects that originate from small details, paving the way for ever-evolving possibilities.
What is the origin of FABÒOR?
The name comes from the Latin "faber” which means a skilled worker in iron and metal, but it can also refer to an artisan, creator and author of a masterpiece.

We uphold the spirit of “Made in Italy” in the world of eyewear, characterised by our ability to conceive and craft a complex product, our relentless passion for exploring the full potential of materials, and our dedication to introducing something truly unique to the market.

Fabòor came to life through the work and vision of designer Lucio Salvadori. The Italian company, Manfroi Activity, is in charge of the entire project, from manufacturing to sales management.

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